Welcome to  FEMIS- Fiji Education Management Information System

24 Visitors using FEMIS right now. Teacher from Nabukaluka Primary School in Waidina, walked more than 1km to the spot where she could access internet for updating FEMIS.
This is the LIVE system.  Please enter the real and accurate data into this system. You will have to create missing classes and add missing students as required.
 IMPORTANT!!!Dear Users, Please Take Note of Below:
- The Government Data Center is facing some technical issues that are causing slow access to FEMIS. At times FEMIS may not be accessible in some areas. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Please see the updates page under the Help menu once you have logged on to see recent updates.
IMPORTANT!!! Textbooks can be downloaded from Ministry of Education website.
  You can use the TRAINING  system by clicking training.femis.gov.fj
   New Teacher Graduates can apply for position online. If you are a New Graduate Please Click Here to apply
  If you are looking for the Fijian Ministry of Education web site please click here
Any enquries,please contact the IT Unit at Senikau House, Phone 3220427, 3220428 or email femis.helpdesk@govnet.gov.fj  
Remote training is available through Skype.  Please email to arrange this.