Welcome to  FEMIS- Fiji Education Management Information System





Message from Dr.Brij Lal, Permanent Secretary of Education, National Heritage, Culture And Arts

"Greetings to you all. 

On the 21st of February, 2013, FEMIS (Fiji Education Management Information System) became live and marked a significant development and achievement for MOE (Ministry of Education) in this modern era of Information Technology (IT). This development sees the amalgamation of the ministry’s current databases into one information portal that is accessible to all our stakeholders.

Previously, FESA (Fiji Education Staffing Appointments) which contains staff information and LANA (Literacy and Numeracy Assessment) which contains student information could only be accessed nationally through our local intranet domain (govnet). SIMS (Schools Information Management System) which contains school information was a Windows-based application and available only to our central office and district staff. With FEMIS, these three databases are now available to all our staff anytime and anywhere in the world with a username and password.

The main objective in this new development is to make available to our school heads information that will help them in their decision making and inform them in their planning as they endeavor to provide the quality education our children need to develop into productive citizens of Fiji tomorrow. Whereas in the past information flow has always been from the schools up to head office, FEMIS establishes a vital channel of information feedback to the schools.

2013 is the year of “Step Up” for our ministry and FEMIS is a significant development in this regard. Its success will however depend on the cooperation of all staff from here at central office, the districts and the schools. Like every new initiative, unless we embrace it fully and take ownership of it, it will not realize the purpose it was intended for. I therefore call upon everyone to work together to implement this new tool that is aimed at improving our services to our stakeholders. In providing the quality services we continually challenge ourselves to, our children will ultimately be the main beneficiaries.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank AQEP (Access To Quality Education Programme) for their assistance in funding this new development through AusAID for the ministry. It had come at a critical time for the ministry as we launch a multiple of new initiatives in IT that will propel us further into the world of computer technology and educational developments."

Any enquries,please contact the IT Unit at Quality House, Phone 3220421 or email femis.helpdesk@govnet.gov.fj